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on the campus of southern methodist university in dallas, texas. in an interview conducted earlier this month in dallas, george and cora talk about the design and desk -- design and construction of the library, decisions made in the white house, and an upcoming event of the bush institute. this is half an hour. >> mr. president, mrs. bush, thank you for being with us. let's talk about where we're at and the role of the institute and the museum. >> we're on the campus of s.m.u. in the heart of dallas, texas, which is our home. the museum is meant to kind of help a visitor relive the eight years of the 21st century. the museum explains the decision-making process that i went through as president. we hope the museum inspires people to serve. if somebody comes and when they leave we hope they want to serve their community or country in some way. the institute is a form for laura and myself to defend and support principles that we think are important. the principle of freedom, yielding peace or the notion that free enterprise is the best way to allocate resources and give people a chance to rise f
explosions at a fertilizer plant in the city of west, texas. 80 miles south of dallas. there have been mass casualties. explosions hit before 8:00 central time. we first broke this story at the 6:00 news. hospitals are treating up to 100 people injured. i have heard reports that as many as 40 of those people have very serious injuries. the injured suffered what doctors call blast injuries. injuries to their legs and arms and cuts and bruises. a hazardous materials team is at the plant. there is an evacuation order for the area which includes a school and nursing home. there are reports the nursing home and apartment complex are on fire. a witness says he saw smoke and then the first explosion and it was like a bomb going off the witness says. right now, first responders are on the scene to treat the injured and deal with the damaged plant. investigators will continue to try to figure out what happened but the immediate priority is to treat the injured and to make sure that they get people out as quickly as they can. you are looking at tape from the scene. because there have been air restric
accidents. they have assembled a team to come here and are trying to get to the bottom of this. the dallas morning newspaper has reported at this particular plant there were some 54,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia. it is a very volatile chemical. the press briefing we had a short time ago they were saying that before the explosion there was already a fire burning at this plant. the firefighters and even the local ems and police were on the scene trying to get the fire under control. a fire that may have been burning either under or in the vicinity of the anhydrous ammonium tanks and the folks on the ground expressed interest that there was a potential danger associated with that. and then the next thing you know the explosion reported. reports of fireballs shooting 90 to a hundred feet in the air. i know the video surfaced on youtube and i know we have been showing it, elizabeth. it is something that gives you chills from the bottom of your toes to the top of your head you can hear how loud it is and you know that it doesn't fully translate on camera. experiencing that blast in person and
lost a boat. >>> and we've come inside for a moment here in dallas, to tell you more about the investigation speeding ahead at full tilt. the suspect remains in the hospital. his every word and facial expression has been analyzed and scrutinized by a team of experts. and abc's brian ross tells us now what they're learning about his motivation, his inspiration. >> reporter: with the injuries to his head, neck, legs and hand healing, the hospital today upgraded the condition of dzhokhar tsarnaev from serious to fair. so far the only word he has spoken is a grunted "no." at the same time, friends sought to upgrade his image. one posted this undated video on youtube, showing dzhokhar doing the robot dance with buddies on the wrestling team. hardly the anti-american islamic radical accused of following his brother in bombing the marathon. >> it does appear the elder brother was the driving force, that he was very angry at u.s. foreign policy. >> reporter: the younger brother told the fbi that he and his brother were inspired by the anti-u.s. internet preaching of the radical cle
today. >> yeah. i think we can learn a lot from what happens today. it's a big day in dallas as well on many levels. many different presidents, former presidents coming and joining him. it will be an important day. >> twitter has noticed. >> very well behaved in the interview where you burst in the door as if you thought the ceiling was going to crush you. >> i was scared. chuck todd's live in dallas now. and so let's go to chuck. i'm sure he won't ask anybody about obesity down there today. chuck todd live in dallas, stick around. the show will change your life. bill clinton's there. >>> this is a place to educate people, to explain some of the decisions i made, to talk about the principles that guided me. but also to encourage people to serve. ultimately history will judge whether krit you ccritics are r wrong. but this is a place to educate people. >> good morning from the campus of southern methodist university right here in dallas, texas, where this morning the five presidents, obama, clinton, carter and bush senior will gather to pay tribute to the 43rd president of the
. >> this blast has rocked the sound of west, a community 80 miles south of dallas. john alston is monitoring the latest developments from the newsroom. >> the danger has not passed as fumes are lingering in the area and an emergency room doctor said earlier at least two emt firefighters had been killed. officials expect many more fatalities. are more than a hundred people have been hurt and taken to local hospitals. the flames were already raging and firefighters were pouring water on the fertilizer plants when disaster struck. the massive explosion could be felt more than 40 miles away. in the immediate area the results are devastating. the mayor of west texas believes 60 to 80 homes are leveled or seriously damaged. >> i can tell you i was there. i walked to the blast area and searched some houses earlier tonight and massive is. just like iraq. just like the murrah building in oklahoma city. it exploded so you can imagine what kind of damage we are looking at there. >> fire tore through a nearby middle school and the explosion rocked a nursing home spraying elderly residents with glass an
miles south of dallas. john alston is monitoring the latest developments from the newsroom. >> the danger has not passed as fumes are lingering in the area and an emergency room doctor said earlier at least two emt firefighters had been killed. officials expect many more fatalities. are more than a hundred people have been hurt and take to local hospitals. the flames were already raging and firefighters were pouring water on the fertilizer plants when disaster struck. the massive explosion could be felt more than 40 miles away. in the immediate area the results are devastating. the mayor of west texas believes 60 to 80 homes are leveled or seriously damaged. >> i can tell you i was there. i walked to the blast area and searched some houses earlier tonight and massive is. just like iraq. just like the murrah building in oklahoma city. it exploded so you can imagine what kind of damage we are looking at there. >> fire tore through a nearby middle school and the explosion rocked a nursing home spraying elderly resints with glass and other debris. about 130 people had to be ev
for hours. >> this blast has rocked the sound of west, a community 80 miles south of dallas. john alston is monitoring the latest developments from the newsroom. >> the danger has not passed as fumes are lingering in the area and an emergency room doctor said earlier at least two emt firefighters had been killed. officials expect many more fatalities. are more than a hundred people have been hurt and taken to local hospitals. the flames were already raging and firefighters were pouring water on the fertilizer plants when disaster struck. the massive explosion could be felt more than 40 miles away.. in the immediate area the results are devastating. th west texas west texas believes 60 to 80 homes are leveled or seriously damaged. >> i can tell you i was there. i walked to the blast area and searched some houses earlier tonight and massive is. just like iraq. just like the murrah building in oklahoma city. canit explodee what kind of damage we are looking at there. >> fire to a a nearby middle school and the explosion rocked a nursing home spraying elderly residents with glass and other
ve desde lejos se siente un temblor de 2,1 en escala de richter, en waco texas a 85 millas de dallas y al norte de weico, se dio a las 8:30 de la noche, hay decena de personas heridas que son atentidas en weico y dallas, ahora mismo podemos decir que autoridades no manejan cifras locales heridas y hasta aquí el reporte. >> gracias pedro por la información, esta explosion se dio cuando bomberos querían apagar un incendio, se habla de 4 cuadras a la redonda quemadas. >> el video capta la masiva explosion, el camarografo grabaria el primer incendio cuando salió el segundo, es estallido destruyo al menos 60 casas, un centro de ancianos se derrumbo, y sacaron 130 personas. >> todas las ventanas rompieron, vimos gente atrapada y saque 16 personas. >> tomy mosca, dice que antes de la explosion había un incendio, hay heridos con laceraciones, 36 están criticos, y hay niños pequeñso. >> tenemos heridos y muertos. >> los bomberos reciben el documento. >> es masivo cuando exploto en ocklahoma. >> es dos punto uno, se desconoce el motivo, parecia una zona de guerra, mas de 2000 casas sin
back with a show for you. all five presidents presidential library opening in dallas. dana per perino was there. she is going to tell us all about it next. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] we all have something neatly tucked away in the back of our mind. a secret hope. that thing we've always wanted to do. it's not about having dreams, it's about reaching them. ♪ an ally for real possibilities. aarp. find tools and direction at >> kimberly: hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel. dana perino joins us life from texas where history was made today. all five living u.s. presidents gathered together for the dedication of president george w. bush library. 5:00 in new york city. 4:00 in dallas. and this is the 5:00. -- is the five. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: it was a rare reunion the of the world's most exclusive club. bush presidential center opened on the campus of southern university. >> mr. president, let me say that i'm filled with admiration for you and deep gratitude for you about the great contributions you have made to the most needy people on ea
. it's on president george bush turnpike. if you know the dallas area well, irving, texas, is just slightly north of the downtown area of dallas. it's also where the cowboys used to play. it is an extraordinarily busy -- the freeway system all around north of dallas and going into the irving area is an extraordinarily busy freeway area. it also takes you out to dfw airport too. there is frequently a lot of traffic in that area, but here we have -- again, i can't tell you anything else i know about this turnpike wreck, but we do know that there may be some people trapped in that bus. let me just ask quickly if we know if there is a tourist bus or if it was a transit bus. do we have that information? we don't have that yet. we're going to continue to scour our sources as well through the thats area. let's go back to tampa where the grandparents are now coming out of their home. bob and patricia hauser taking to the microphone to address us after being reunion i'd with their grandchildren. >> good morning, everybody. thai for coming. i've had a bad cold also this week, and i do not ha
living in the south part of dallas, about 80 miles north of here. a concussion so large that the nearest seismic graph was about 23 miles from here and it registered 2.1 on the richter scale according to the u.s. geological survey. a a lot of people initially thought it was an earthquake they had on their hands. then reports started trickling in of this explosion. just to remember, a search-and-rescue mission underway at this hour. more than 160 people have already been treated for injuries ranging from broken bones to inhalation injuries at area hospitals from breathing in the toxic fumes that this was giving off. again, it is still a situation where we have a handful of fire fighters that are still unaccounted for. a devastating catastrophe they're dealing with here in west texas. >>gretchen: casey, let me ask you this with regard to people and victims at this point. is there any way to account for how many people who were actually working in the plant at that time compared to the 160 who have been injured? has the company been able to say we suspect that there were still 100 people in
accounts we are hearing blocks and blocks of this tiny community in between waco and dallas texas leveled by this explosion patti ann and heather. >> casey seigel reporting live for us from the small town of west texas. >> casey, i wanted to ask you a question. you were talking about the timing of this. the explosion happened at 8 local time but there was a fire that happened first that was around 6:00 p.m. were there any contingencies in place such that when the fire started and they knew that that was happening at this fertilizer plant and residents were so nearby living close by to this potentially explosive situation, did they begin the evacuation prior to the explosion? i understand that they did. >> i have not heard that. obviously there are a lot of different accounts coming out of here. in the press conference i have been here for and able to monitor i have not heard that addressed. what they did say was there was some concern of those firefighters on the ground fighting that initial fire because it was burning either under or near those anhydrous ammonia tanks. as we know that is
library in dallas, texas. >> good morning, this is jenny mcbride coming to you from the spectacular colorado national monument in mesa county, colorado. today's wednesday and it's time for the daily rundown and now, here's chuck todd. >> thanks to jenny for sending that to us from the colorado national monument. you'll always get national parks on the show when you send them from there. my first reads of the morning. as we said, boston's boylston street reopened to the public at 3:30 a.m. this morning and the t is stop iping again as the city tries to return the life after the tragedy just nine days ago. vice president biden travels to cambridge today for the funeral of sean collier. he was killeded allegedly by boston marathon suspects. on capitol hill, lawmakers are raising questions about who knew what and when. the more information congress learns, the more questions they have about whether pre 9/11 problems are back. there's accusations of an intelligence failure. susan collins spoke after a two-hour closed door briefing with intelligence officials. >> that is troubling to me t
to the "dallas morning news," and he was about five miles away at a convenient store, stopped in to get a coca cola. he says the lights went out, the explosion happened and you could feel nit your chest and ears, and he said that ceiling tiles and pictures on the wall actually broke. >> wow. you know what i was going to ask you? we've been talking about the mass damage, but we're under the impression they're going to be searching all night. is there still a search and rescue effort ongoing now or are they just monitoring the situation? >> if you heard the press conference, you almost have to read between the lines a little bit. they are calling it a search and rescue, but everyone that needed to be at the hospital or needed to be treated was being treated. so they are going door to door. they're searching through the rubble of these homes and this apartment building that had been just devastated, hoping there might still be survivors. the big concern, of course, the firefighters, the first responders who showed up and caught in that blast. those were among the individuals that right now are un
in dallas on thursday for the george bush presidential library and museum dedication ceremony. center is located on the campus of southern methodist university. items on the play -- on display include twisted girders from the twin towers, people poor -- the onlhorn president bush used ground zero. the bush center opens opens to the public this wednesday. this is an hour and 25 minutes. ♪ >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. please direct your attention to the main stage as angela turner wilson purchases "god bless america."-- performs "god bless america." ♪ god bless america land that i love stand beside her and guide her thru the night with a light from above from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam god bless america my home sweet home ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ god bless america land that i love stand beside her and guide her thru the night with a light from above from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam god bless america god bless america my home sweet home god bless america my home sweet home ♪ [cheers and a
related searches for leaders as organizations such as the san francisco bay area rapid transit, the dallas area rapid transit, l.a. mta and metropolitan authority and as well as other government agencies like the port of soak land and the city and county of san francisco. on march 11 we a awarded a contract in the amount of $51,250. this is well within the $60,000 budget and the procurement policy for issuing a contract under the interim executive director's threshold. i have here today the hawkins team. i would like to introduce william hauck hawk, steve nee lablont and the comanagers of the team their assistant. i would like to welcome them to the podium to go through the packet and also on attachment two. >> just a couple of questions before you bring them up. i am impressed with this group because they have done serves for about 200 transportation agencies and significant and in line what we're trying to find. if you can talk about the other ones that applied, i think three out of the seven and talk about the difference in terms what the hawkins group presented compared to the oth
for the dedication of the george w. bush presidential library at southern memphis university in dallas. the last time the five men were together was january, 2009. also on hand are representatives from chicago and hawaii. why? they are taking notes to whu president obama. >>> the cast and crew of "42" were at the white house. tuesday jackie's 90-year-old widow spoke of her late husband. >> i don't think he would have ever dreamed of having this kind of film made of him. or the tension given to him as a hero because that wasn't what he was looking for in life. >>> later today, president obama visits a denver police academy to push for tougher gun laws. then he heads to san francisco for a fund-raiser topping out at $32,500 bucks a plate. you can join the president beforehand for just $5,000. >>> out with the oddsmaker calculations on washington. immigration 40% of passing, 30% on hopes of a grand bargain deal. a 50/50 chance sarah palin will run in 2016. mark kirk backs same-sex marriage. he released a statement citing his stroke as a turning point. >>> chuck hagel is taking a voluntary pay cut. it's
. it happened at a town near dallas. sal castaneda joins us with more. >> reporter: the explosion is blamed for the deaths of between 5 and 15 people according to authorities. the explosion's violent force was captured in this amateur video. watch closely as it quickly goes from bad to worse. >> -- sure the -- [ explosion ] >> officials say the explosion did not happen until nearly a half-hour after the initial fire. emergency responders already on the scene are among some of the missing feared dead. the scene is in the small community of west, texas, about an hour and a half south of dallas, it is near waco. the fertilizer plant had tank of anhad druse ammon ammonia, today the search continues. >> it is a slow methodical search and they are using every available resource they have to do that correct he and make sure we don't miss anything or anybody. >> today officials say the fire has been contained and say the fire has been contained but they are still looking for some of the people. smoke rising you can see it from the plant. now some of the neighborhoods near the plant were most heav
to dallas for a preview of the dedication of george w. bush library. ♪ >>> the george w. bush presidential library is set to open today. at the dedication ceremony are only five people alive who actually know what it's like to sit in that oval office chair. of course, we're talking about wrchlts and his dad, along with president barack obama, bill clinton and jimmy carter. danielle leigh joins us live. it's an historic day there, no doubt. >> reporter: richard good morning. it really is at the george w. bush museum and library looks magnificent as the sun begins to rise in dallas. the stage has been set. you can take a look. there are thousands of chairs laid out. people have been working for days getting ready for the ceremony. 8,000 people expected to attend, as you mentioned all five presidents here to honor the former president george w. bush and his legacy. this gives a thorough examination of his time in office, many of the crises he faced. for instance, the september 11th terror attacks, the war on terror, the aftermath of hurricane katrina and the financial crisis but also domestic
there right now. >>> a rare gathering in dallas at the bush library dedication. >>> plus the nfl draft gets under way breaking a 40-year trend. >>> and life-threatening hazards at a golf tournament on the louisiana bayou. >>> former president george w. bush says tlfgs a time in his life when he wouldn't be found at a library much less dedicate his own. that's changed while his sense of humor hasn't. danielle leigh reports on the dedication of bush 43 presidential library. >> reporter: it was a rare gathering, all five of the nation's living presidents and their wives standing together. the dedication of the george w. bush presidential museum and library drew thousands to dallas' smu campus. >> today i'm proud to dedicate this center to the american people 37 >> reporter: former president george h.w. bush rose from his wheelchair with pride. president obama thanked his predecessor for setting a great example. >> he takes his job seriously, but he doesn't take himself too seriously. he's a good man. >> narrator: inside the more than 43,000 square foot museum is a high-definition freedom hall
, all the way from the dallas/ft. worth area, all surrounding areas. we had a great turnout to come out to help us get through this tragedy we had in this small community. i wish i could give you more information. all of the injured right now, taken care of. going to do another house-by-house search and see if there's victims we can find. that's going to go on all night. we have a command post set up for law enforcement. a command post set up for the emergency units also. we also have a triage center. >> what's the status of the plant right snow. >> it's still smoldering. they did not give us an update on it. there is still active, ingredients there on the site. we don't want that to explode again. we're worried about people right now, not property. we want people to be safe. that's our goal right now. get the people safe and get them out of there. >> i do not know right now. it's going to be a number. i can't give you a number right now. there's going to be a number. hopefully at 6:00 a.m. i'll know better. >> early estimates are 50 to 60, 70 maybe? >> i cannot confirm that. i wish i c
of our company. >> the debt affects all of us. the nation is on the road to dallas -- two banker secured >> balance the budget now. >> it is a very big, political policy decision. does create large deficits into the future. we must reduce the deficit. >> it would affect a lot of people in a lot of different ways. >> it is time that we raise the bar. >> deficit is our our economy -- >> i'm pretty sure it has to do with the economy and the government. >> lack of something. debt. a debt that we can't pay. >> i really have no idea. although much of the younger generation is unaware of what he does that is, it is a factor in the nation, economy, and our future. >> stairmaster president, in order for the united states to the life ofbe in freedom and liberty, the growing deficit and debt should be the most important issue to consider in your presidential journey. isat the moment, our future a dilemma. in school, extracurriculars like athletics and art is part of our preparation for a better future. it is important to us. >> in the united states, the economy is a significant part of our society.
ladies at the opening of the george w. bush presidential library. what a sight it was in dallas. to protect them, the tightest security in the history of the city of dallas. abc's chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl, on the day and the presidents who offered praise and a little dose of humor for each other. jon? >> reporter: we saw some laughter and some tears. there are very few times in american history when you could have seen as many presidents gathered together as we saw here today. a lot of history on one stage, five first ladies, five presidents. ♪ >> reporter: it was a tribute to the younger president bush, but also to his ailing 88-year-old father. >> it's a great pleasure to be here to honor our son, our oldest son. we're glad to be here. god bless america and thank you very much. [ applause ] >> good job. >> too long? >> dad taught me how to be a president. before that, he showed me how to be a man. and 41, it is awesome that you are here today. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the dedication of a new presidential library is one of those rare moments
: all right, thank you. >> we have a reporter from the dallas bureau here. casey, what do you have? any new information? >> reporter: we have brand-new informs coming in right now. the mayor of west texas has reported that up to seven firefighters -- [overlapping dialogue] >> unfortunately, i have to interrupt to you go to the press conference right now. we will be back with you shortly. thank you. >> have always been opening their arms on everyone who passes through here on i-35. our hearts and prayers go out to them. this is an unbelievable tragedy that's happened here tonight. what we are looking at now, we have the gas companies turning all the gas off to the areas where the explosion happened. we do not need any more help. if you can get that out. firefighters and ems are coming from hundreds of miles away. right now, we are overflowing with help. we do not need any more help as far as that goes. tomorrow morning, the mayor's going to speak again. right now, we have tremendous amount of injuries, probably over 100 injuries at this time -- at this time. we do have confirmed fataliti
. it is time for civility again. that's what we saw in dallas today. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. >>> president's day. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in dallas for the opening of the george w. bush presidential library. leading off tonight, what could be a bombshell development in the boston marathon case. police commissioner ray kelly of new york said today the boston marathon bombing suspects were talking about going to new york and exploding their bombs in times square. we'll have that in a moment. >>> meanwhile, here in dallas, texas, four u.s. presidents teamed up to dedicate their fellow president's library. it was a day of emotion and goodwill. a day in the sun for george w. bush. the biggest news was made before the dedication even began, with barbara bush making clear her assessment of a presidential run by son, jeb, in 2016. >> it's not just four families or whatever. there are just other people out there that are very qualified and we've had enough bushes. >> we've had enough bushes. but we start with news in th
in. so helicopter, emergency life flight helicopters from the dallas/fort worth area were here, as well as waco. many of the critically injured were taken to waco. the hospital director there said on television a little bit earlier tonight that what he was struck by was just the commonality of the people coming in, family people, mothers, fathers, children, just every day people who were caught up in this disaster in their own hometown. >> and can you share with us a little bit about what you're seeing now? are you seeing smoke? are you smelling any fumes or anything that seems out of the ordinary? what's the scene like on the ground there where you are? >> i'm almost in the center of town. the blast area was just to the north of me by maybe a quarter mile to a half mile. i don't see as much flames as i did earlier. the smoke may still be rising. it's dark here, it's hard to tell. that smoke would be going to the north. that would help disperse any ammonia leaking from the plant. ammonia is a colorless but very caustic and toxic fume that it gives off. it is also lighter air so
extravaganza that took place up in dallas. by the way, that's $250 million can of whitewash, is pretty much what that library represents. and here's jeb bush trying to run for president and he gotten dorsed by their own family member, as you showed there, w. himself said, yeah, run, run, run. but what w. has done with this extravaganza in dallas is to create a massive flashback for the american people. by the way, i give him credit for that for ducking down a little bit. but then here comes bush again, reminding people that mission accomplished banner that you're talking about, that heck of a job brownie in new orleans and the privatization of social security and again and again and again. oh, my god. we now remember who he was and we're going to have another one of them? i don't think so. i think barbara bush was right. >> the fact is, when you look at it, lou, the republican party the favorability ratings tanked. in 2002, it was 50% and then plummeted down to 38 and 21% today. in 2001, only 7% had an unfavorable view of the gop. by the time bush led office. >> two wars, a huge tax cut tha
of the george w. bush presidential library in dallas, texas. president obama spoke at the bush library at around 10:40 a.m. central time this morning. just about 25 minutes before he spoke, this was the news that crossed the wires. u.s. defense secretary hagel says u.s. intelligence confirms to some degree of varying confidence that syria has used chemical weapons on a small scale. sometimes the gods of national karma are not subtle. president obama gets handed fuzzy intelligence about a middle eastern dictator suppose wmd's while he's dedicating the president george w. bush library. if this were fiction, it would be rejected as heavy handed and way too obvious. it makes it clear nothing looms larger on a news day like today than the disastrous presidential mistakes of the guy who got his new library today. given the stakes involved and what we have learned from our own recent experience, intelligence assessments alone are not sufficient. in the "washington post" reporting this news today, same idea, a senior u.s. defense official said the pentagon did not want to repeat the mistakes of the iraq
the greatest city in the world. >> thank you. >> all right. thank you very much. carol. >>> "the dallas morning news" is reporting that kim williams, the wife of eric williams has been arrested in connection with the murder of the kaufman county district attorney and his wife. martin savidge on the phone. bring us up to date. >> reporter: good morning, carol. i had a conversation with the kaufman county jail and they are refusing to give any comment about the latest development. it is quite a bombshell. according to "the dallas morning news," the wife of a former justice of the peace. he's already being held in the kaufman county jail for making a terroristic threat, but 46-year-old kim williams was apparently booked into the kaufman county jail at about 3:00 this morning. and she has been charged with one count of capital murder. now, remember, this is the county that has been shocked by three murders, including the district attorney a couple of weeks ago, his wife. they were brutally murdered. gunned down in their own home and then the assistant district attorney, gunned down at the end of ja
presidential library. it begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern in dallas. these days the nation's 43rd president is preoccupied with being a new grandfather and aspiring painter. he says the new library is all about laying out facts. and he tells our john king he doesn't feel any need to defend himself or his presidency. >> i know this, that laura and i gave the presidency eight years of our life. we gave it our all. made the best judgment calls i could. didn't compromise my principles. i'm a content man. >> the nation does seem to be looking more kindly on the bush presidency. according to a new poll, 68% considered his office a failure right after he left the white house in 2000. now the number has fallen to 55%. >>> in the next half hour, a live report from brianna keilar in dallas where the dedication is less than four hours away. and stay with cnn in the 8:00 hour of "starting point," a former first lady laura bush staiks takes john king on a tour of the new presidential library. keep it right here for special coverage of the dedication as well hosted by wolf blitzer only here on cnn. >>> b
. >> thank you very much. bill: smu, dallas, texas. martha: explosions rocked a major u.s. port. wow, look at that. what caused these blasts with flames so intense even firefighters are forced to take cover? bill: also you're supposed to slow down for the tollbooth, aren't you? martha: not so much. bill: not that guy for seeing your business in a whole new way. for seeing what cash is coming in and going out... so you can understand every angle of your cash flow- last week, this month, and even next year. for seeing your business's cash flow like never before, introducing cash flow insight powered by pnc cfo. a suite of online tools that lets you turn insight into action. the act of soaring across an ocean in a three-hundred-ton rocket doesn't raise as much as an eyebrow for these veterans of the sky. however, seeing this little beauty over international waters is enough to bring a traveler to tears. we're putting the wonder back into air travel, one innovation at a time. the new american is arriving. [ male announcer ] from the way the bristles move to the way they clean, once you try an
of the george w. bush presidential library in dallas, isn't there an irony in having him have a library? the former president says his relationship with dick cheney is cordial. hmm. think it's got something to do with dick cheney manipulating him into a hard, unnecessary war? you think? >>> president obama's fail safe method of making sure his daughters don't get tattoos. this is really funny. that's where it belongs. in the side show. this is "hardball," the place for politics. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact that i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. join today and find out why over 1 million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. >>> americans don't seem
dice que viajÓ hasta dallas el temor se apoderado de funcionarios encargados de investigaciones judiciales. >> el cual que tiene que ver con grupos de supremacÍa blanco en relaciÓn a dos fiscales en el condado en texas mientras tanto se dio a conocer por parte de las autoridades que se realizÓ un arresto relacionado con el caso. >> el miedo reemplazÓ la calma que crÍtiaracteriza al pequeÑo condado ubicado 20 millas al sur de dallas, las calles lucen semi vacÍas y los locales sin la clientela habtual y prefiere permanecer en casa. >> las circunstancias indican que es una venganza, hay mala sangre en esto y alguien estÁ mandando un mensaje. >> el asesinato de del fiscal del condado, junto con el de su asistente representa un reche sin presidencedente en la comun de impartir en todo el paÍs. dice que el tipo de violencia no se habÍa visto en estados unidos >> aunque no existen cifras oficiales durante los Últimos 50 aÑos se registran solamente 13 asesinatos de fiscales en todo el paÍs. 2 en los Últimos 2 meses. >> esto pasa en mÉxico y en colombia con frecuencia. per
reported. 41 in dallas. you can see the warm air trying to hang on to the southeast. but it's not hard to find that cold front that is sitting right through areas like western kentucky, western tennessee, and stretching into southern texas. along that line we have heavy downpours, severe storms still possible. we also have lost the threat of tornado watches right now across kentucky and tennessee. but there's the best chance of seeing more severe storms into the panhandle of florida today. we'll keep an eye out for those severe storms. and heavy snow across parts of minnesota where a foot of snow is possible. tornados, hail, heavy gusty winds and snowfall totals up around a foot. this is one of those storms that has most of the country talking. >> yeah. with concerns about tornadic activity. >>> stocks continue to surge today. we'll tell you what's moving your money. >>> plus, an amazing medical break through about pain and your brain. >>> a new bridge has a real fire-breathing dragon. it's not disneyland. "first look" is back in three. [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? b
peralta goes deep, tigers get the win, 7-3, sharks visit the dallas stars, dallas up one, nothing in the first. alex chasen's deflection, sharks can't tie it up. this fly at the end, sharks fall, 2-1, and angel cabrera, tiger woods, seven-back, and the challenge er lose his to rigade tonight. going on here, same place, same time. >> henry, great job, thanks a lot. >>> and when we come back, what got joe montana all fired up today? we'll show you. schierho . >>> san francisco 49ers legend joe montana is tweeting mad about that two-stroke penalty assessed against tiger woods at the masters. woods received a penalty for an improper drop on yesterday's round. now, no one seemed to notice until a viewer called out the violation. quarterback joe montana jumped on 2013 and said usga is full of crap, just like replay in nfl if you don't catch it when it happens, forget it. that would be like going on and calling the super bowl and changing the game. goes on to say they are spectators, it would stay that way. it is not about tiger, but about keeping other people out of the game. the twitte
causing the chaos. they were either to or from dallas or chicago. american said it fixed the problem by 1:30 this afternoon, but the effect lingered. they say they're offering stranded travelers free ticket change. key figures in the warriors past and present are jumping on the bandwagon. >>> back in just 10 minutes. winter dying down. it's going to get cool tonight and warm the next few days. i'll have the details specific for your wednesday forecast. >>> divisions over the presidential election have been turning violent in venezuela. 7 people have died. police fired tear gas and plastic bullets to non-stray toes who are demanding a recount of a vote. >>> continuing coverage now of the bombings of the boston marathon. investigators are coming through a mountain of evidence. talk to a fbi agent about what and who could do the most clues. >> . >> reporter: putting together the many hours of video before, after and during the marathon is labor use. rick smith, a retired fbi agent says the fbi will use the video to create a precise timeline. whop left the scene after it was placed. most p
over the area. this is west, texas, right here. this is the dallas/ft. worth area. and waco to the south. the winds are going to shift. and the concern is going to be, once the wind shifts to the north, the safe side of down is on the south side. and then, once the wind shifts, they have to get everyone out of the way and shift them to the other direction. it's a logistics concern on the ground. >> and officials are asking those who are still in the area to stay indoors so they avoid any exposure to toxic fumes. we've heard some numbers of casualties. it's estimated that hundreds are injured and there are fatalities. in addition to the human toll, we know that community has been devastated. officials estimate that 50 to 100 homes and buildings in a 5-mile radius around the plant have been potentially been destroyed or damaged. completely destroyed or damaged. yesterday, officials spent hours going door-to-door, knocking on doors, in a search and rescue mission, trying to identify those who were wounded and injured and needed help. now, the community of west, texas, is a very
to dallas for forensics. those that were most closest to the epicenter of the site, difficult for them to identify. however, these are some of the faces of the dead that are now out there. kenny harris, harry calvin. he was 37. he was one of the emergency -- from the emergency medical services. cyrus reed was a firefighter. joey, he was a city secretary. jerry chapman, 26-year-old firefighter. the other names also released as well. they were two brothers, very tragically lost. they were the very first ones on the scene, from what we understand. some of the first responders and other firefighters there. it's the fire fighting department in this tiny town of 2800 people that have really been affected. it was a team of just 28 people and it's really shaken them very much to the core. the acting fire chief is george norse, junior. his father was injured and is in critical condition in dallas at the moment. he was describing really how everybody is trying to rally around and support each other at the time. here is what he had to say earlier. >> lot of the chaplins from the other fire depart
la ceremonia después de asistir a la inauguracion de la biblioteca bush en dallas. >> continúa en vaticano el proceso de beamtificacion de romero, que defendia a los pobres del salvador y acuso al gobierno fue asesinado en misa, el papa prometio realizarlo. >> decirlee a su hijo que sec oma toda la comidad puede ser contraproducente. >> ya regresamos @x . >> (♪ ♪ ). seguramente cuandoi usted era niño le obligan a comerser toda la comida ante del postre, un estudio dice que los menore stiene más probabilidad de aumentar de peso con eso, así no engordan de niños pero después si cuando grande. >> una broma que se ha hecho popular en internet, es sumamente peligrosa, el desafrio de la canela, es inhalar la canela pero puede causar ahogos, incluso el colapso de los pulmones. >> si le gusto el día de hoy tiene suerte porque estará más lindo mañana estamos con guillermo quiroz con más información . >> feliz inciio de semana, se ve como la capa mariángela es alejada al interior de pacifico, todavía la dirección del viento del norte hacía la región así vemos como se a
biology in school. >> that is going to do it. from all of us here tonight from dallas, texas. at the top of the news, breaking his silence. we hear exclusively from the man who discovered the boston bombing suspect, hiding in his boat. the new twist in how the manhunt really ended. >>> pitfall. the stock market takes a dive because of a fake report on twitter saying there were explosions at the white house. how could that happen? into the fire, i'm reporting right here in texas for the first time, the stunning stories of those who raced to the fire, knowing there could be an explosion, while fighting to save their town. >>> and miracle in the rubble. the dramatic scene. a baby born in the devastating surrounding of an earthquake. incredible first breath of air, tonight. >>> good evening to you tonight from dallas, texas. we've come here for an exclusive interview with former president george w. bush and mrs. bush, and we'll bring it to you tomorrow night. but we want to turn first and right away to the latest on the boston bombings. we're all going to hear from someone we've been waiting
of takeoffs and landings delayed. nearly every city affected. 30 to 45-minute delays in dallas and los angeles. ground stops at washington national and dulles. and a ripple effect across the country. kim zolar flying from dallas to laguardia for an important meeting was more than 90 minutes late. >> we were supposed to leave at 8:25, and just as we're about to leave, they said, sorry, we're not leaving. we've been sequestered. >> reporter: jonathan rogers sat on the ramp for two hours. >> new york city is right there. you want to reach out and grab it. >> reporter: in all, more than 1,200 delays yesterday blamed on the shortage of controllers, another 1,400 delayed by weather and other issues. a job that literally keeps the nation's economy and its people moving caught in a budget stalemate. of the roughly 15,000 air traffic controllers, 10% are off the job each day. 1,500 not at their stations. >> i don't think that it's fair that air traffic control, particularly air traffic controllers, are being used as a pawn. >> reporter: there's no shortage of people who are angry about it, but so far c
at the dedication of the presidential library of his predecessor, george w. bush, in dallas -- in dallas. these are live pictures. the dedication is about to get underway. we'll have a live report coming up next hour. >>> police in vallejo have made an arrest in the april 17th shooting outside of a little legal baseball game. joshua khee, 23, was arrested yesterday. he's described as a long-term vallejo resident. he got into an argument with another parent. when that person bent to leave -- went to leave, chee reportedly opened fire on the fire. some baseball games were canceled while the police investigation was underway. >>> 7:11. an unusual move from williams sonoma. what they are no longer selling after the tragedy in boston. >>> who is behind the big part of making aid part of e healthcare >>> sunny for some. but definitely cooler. that gray means, 50, 60s coast and bay. >>> 7:13. dozens of people were killed in iraq this morning. a series of violent attacks. want to show you new video of a bar bomb explosion -- car bomb explosion. it happened at a bus stop in baghdad. seven people
. bush presidential center. i'm casey steigal in dallas. i'll have that coming up. >>> rescue crews in bangladesh are in a desperate race against time to free survivors from the rubble of a collapsed factory. workers have discovered 40 people trapped in a room of the building pinned in by debris. so far they've rescued 12 of them, at least 238 people were killed when the building fell down yesterday. police had ordered the building evacuated tuesday when they spotted cracks in the walls. but factory officials refused and kept more than 2000 people working. >>> the coast guard says a spark from cleaning was the likely cause of an explosion last night on fuel barges on the mobile river in alabama. three people were critically injured in the explosions. the blast also forced the evacuations of a nearby shipyard and a docked cruise ship. >>> people from the texas town of west are gathered right now at a memorial service to remember the 14 people killed last week in a fertilizer plant explosion. firefighters and other first responders formed a procession this morning from west to the n
people including two prosecutors in kaufman, texas. about 30 miles southeast of dallas. in the last 72 hours the search for clues has narrowed it to two locations and apparently one man. we have two reports tonight beginning with manual bojorquez. >> investigators search the storage facility saturday about 10 miles from where the murders happened. they pulled a white crown victoria from one unit. also multiple guns, ballistic tests are being done on the weapons to see if they are connected to the murders. just a day before the search focused on the kaufman, texas, home of a man who knew the victims. eric williams. williams is a former kaufman county justice of the peace. he was fired last year after being convicted of stealing computer equipment from the county. >> there's three monitors missing. one's on your desk. >> uh-huh. >> right now. where are the others. >> reporter: assistant district attorney and district attorney mike mclelland prosecuted the case against williams. hase was killed in january, mclelland and his wife were found shot to death in their home last month. williams
in dallas, first estimates are that 60 or 70 people were killed. >> in a word, this is ugly. a city council member just said that a four-block area was decimated. you can see flames are still burning as we speak. some people eating at a nearby restaurant say the force of the explosion was so great it blew the door right off. a volunteer firefighter took a photo. this is a photo of an apartment near the explosion. many homes have collapsed. people still may be trapped inside. the explosion happened around 6:00 our time and it was caught on video and it is extremely dramatic. take a look. it started as a huge fire at a fertilizer plant. this amateur photographer began shooting video with his child in the car when it blew up. >> i can't hear. i can't hear. >> reporter: the flames turned the fertilize enter a bomb. the entire plant was leveled. homes for blocks arounden wiped out. >> if you look at this home right here, this is immediately next to the house we showed out fire. the entire side of this home is gone. it is blown in. the walls have completely collapsed and blown into the living roo
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